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An admissions representative interviews prospective students.

Admission Policy

The school is accepting applicants for admissions as regular students once all of the following criteria have been met:

  • Applicant must provide a copy of his/her U.S. High School Diploma, GED, State Proficiency Test or its equivalent. For students that have immigrated to the United States, the services of independent academic evaluators is needed to determine academic readiness. No ATB is accepted.
  • Must be at least 17 ½ years old
  • Valid Social Security card
  • Valid California ID

International students must have a valid Permanent Residency Card or must have a valid Visa in order to enroll at L.A.B.C. (L.A.B.C. does not offer visa services). International students do not qualify to take the state licensing exam unless they possess a valid Social Security Number. Therefore L.A.B.C. will not enroll any students that do not meet the criteria.

This is an undergraduate course, no prior experience is required. All students must pass the entrance exam with at least 70% to be accepted into the college. Entrance exam consist of 4th grade English and Math. We do not accept students that are enrolled/attending at another barber school/college simultaneously while attending L.A. Barber College. The college does not offer distance education. The college does not grant credit for prior experiential learning.

As a prospective student, you are encouraged to review this catalog prior to signing an enrollment agreement. You are also encouraged to review the School Performance Fact Sheet, which must be provided to you prior to signing an enrollment agreement. You should also visit the physical facilities before enrolling into the college. L.A.B.C will also discuss personal, educational and occupational goals with prospective students prior to enrolling or signing enrollment agreements.

Admission Procedure

  1. The student arranges for a personal interview with the college Admissions Officer or designated representative. A tour of the campus is provided.
  2. The applicant presents the required educational documentation and identifications.
  3. The Applicant is scheduled a date to take the aptitude exam prior to enrollment.
  4. Admission Representative will review rules and regulations with applicant and offer payment plan available to students. If applicant accepts enrollment agreement it is signed or taken home to review and brought back on the day or orientation.
  5. The applicant is assigned a date and time to attend orientation and begin training, they are also introduced to the college staff and instructional staff.